Terra Inversiones

We are an investment firm with a diversified portfolio of companies that have independent legal and operational structures. We are committed to investing in accordance with the highest standards and internationally recognized frameworks, and have established a strong track record in Latin America in promoting principles of responsible business conduct.

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To be a firm that creates value in diversified investment themes, committed to environmental, social and governance good practices through leaders engaged in innovation and purposeful growth, creating opportunities for a better future.

The Terra Way of Creating Value

We have established a dynamic, effective and committed way of doing business that also seeks to create the conditions to achieve purpose-driven growth. We call this: “The Terra Way of Creating Value”.

We identify strategic projects in which to invest under Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, creating spaces to integrate talents that promote creativity, collaboration and effective execution.

Creativity and Diversification

We channel creativity into innovation, equipping it with a financial structure and making it viable to create opportunities.

Innovation and Development

We maintain our culture of managing with integrity and excellence: doing things right through our principles and values.

Alignment and Culture

We transform effort into growth with purpose and sustainability to generate a positive impact on society.

Projection and Impact

We involve, develop and empower true leaders who carry out the responsible operation of the companies.

Leadership and Empowerment

Areas of Investment

We identify equity investments and strategic projects based on our great commitment of creating value, innovating, and diversifying with a positive and sustainable impact, generating growth, innovation and wellbeing for the countries we work in.


Leading companies in the development, private generation and commercialization of energy in Central America and Peru. Specialized in construction, administration, operation and maintenance of energy projects with thermoelectric and renewable technology including hydroelectric plants, solar parks and wind farms.



  • COMERCIA Internacional de Energía


Wholesale and retail distribution companies for hydrocarbons and their derivatives with a presence in seven countries in the Latin American region. Companies operate under the UNO brands in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Belize, Shell (under license) in Guatemala and Colombia; and Biomax in Colombia. Being the largest retail merchants in Central America and the third in Colombia, in terms of number of stations.



  • UNO
  • Biomax
  • Shell


Investment in the consumer sector, with the Pronto brand, one of the most recognized brands in the Central American region, revolutionizing the Convenience Store market with continuous growth, providing a unique lifestyle and shopping experience for its customers. The model offers a variety of banking services, electronic top-ups, pharmacy, confectionery goods, groceries, liquors and a diverse range of products with the highest-quality standards that clients know to look for in their daily lives.



  • Pronto
  • Select

Real estate

Investment in the real estate sector with projects aimed at the industrial, residential, commercial and corporate sectors with a presence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. High-quality real estate, selecting projects based on a criterion of opportunity, maintaining an agile and dynamic model that allows the company to adapt to constant changes in the real estate market.



  • Inmobiliaria Construcción y Finanzas (ICF)
  • Desarrollos Comerciales
  • Inversiones Inmobiliarias Recreativas
  • Mediterránea


Sustainability is reflected in the commitment of the companies in which we invest, based on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Criteria. We adhere to universal principles, and seek to generate long-term competitive businesses in a responsible manner, in the face of economic, social and environmental impacts; managing them in a balanced way to create future value.

Action Model


At Terra Inversiones we are committed to environmental sustainability. Our investments are executed considering the protection of the environment and the responsible management of energy and natural resources, as well as their impact in reducing the effects of climate change.


Under this criterion, we reflect our commitment to comply with Human Rights and engage in operations that provide a safe, inclusive and diverse environment for our employees. In addition, as part of our commitment to stakeholders and community relations, we seek to work in a way that empowers and benefits the communities of influence of our investments.


Our good governance policies commit us to carry out all our activities with integrity, in accordance with sound and ethical business practices, while building and maintaining relationships of trust with our stakeholders, in accordance with international compliance standards.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Responsibly manage energy and resources

  • Eco-efficiency

Environmental protection and sustainability

  • Biodiversity
  • Wastemanagem
  • Air, water and land protection
  • Promotion of environmental initiatives

Take action to reverse climate change

  • Climate change

Commitments to society & Human Rights

Comply with human rights laws

  • Human Rights

laboral Guarantee security that protects life and respects human rights

  • Human Rights

Respond to the needs and interests of communities and stakeholders

  • Community and Stakeholder
  • Economic growth
  • Community development
  • Rights of indigenous peoples

Generate inclusive employment and equal opportunities.

  • Diversity and inclusion

Create safe work environments

  • Occupational Health & Safety

Commitments to good governance and ethical business practices

Invest according to principles of responsible business conduct

  • Governance Structure
  • Governance Purpose

Act according to sound and ethical business practices

  • Promotion of good governance and ethical business practices

Support efforts to stop all forms of corruption

  • Promotion of good governance and ethical business practices

Comply with antitrust laws

  • Promotion of good governance and ethical business practice

Comply with international compliance frameworks

  • Legal compliance
  • Risk and opportunity management

ESG Criteria

We incorporate ESG Criteria within companies, as they are critical elements in the identification of risks, reputation management and making better investment decisions, always thinking in the long term and in the creation of value for our stakeholders.
Our ESG Criteria are the universal principles to which we are committed in our investments, ensuring the quality of results we wish to achieve, with which we feel totally committed, a global framework expected of every modern company.

ESG Criteria

Our policies on community relations also empower Fundación Terra to serve as a partner for driving social development and community empowerment in the regions where we have a presence.

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